Signs of improvement, walked few steps: Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan
MUMBAI: Amitabh Bachchan has reported signs of improvement in his blood test reports, thus avoiding a second surgery. He also tried to walk a few steps, but didn’t reveal when he will be discharged from hospital.

"The morning of today arose with deep thought and contemplation on the morning before. In the midst of intense discussions between the medical team and the family, there seemed to be an opinion arriving that perhaps another surgery was avoidable and that some of the blood reports which had reached alarming levels were beginning to show signs of improvement," Big B posted on his blog Saturday.

"Oblivious to all these there was a desire to walk and move more than would be described as comfortable in prevailing circumstances, but the insistence of those that move about with slung stethoscopes about their necks was difficult to ignore and so a few gentle dragging steps, with the rod carrying the drips followed along a few feet around the bed," he added.

The 69-year-old underwent abdominal surgeries Feb 11 at the Seven Hills Hospital. He was to be discharged Feb 13, but new complications forced doctors to keep him under observation.

A source told IANS that he is likely to spend some more days in the hospital.

Big B, who has been confined to bed due to his health problems for more than a week, says that it is important to move limbs.

"It is a wonder that many do not recognize or show awareness of, that unmoved, the body remains a well packaged box of freshly bought plasticine (a brand of modelling clay) – fine and colourful to look at, and perhaps not disturbed, but pulled out, moulds itself according to our desire into many shapes.

"Unless you mould it the plasticine is plain and inert. So does the body if kept silent and unmoved. The fingers and the hand are the most vulnerable. Stop using them or moving them and they stay stopped. Stiff and stuck in the position you last left them.

"So as mobility takes over, status of the organs begins to get involved and improved. The organs’ involvement is music for the ears of the team, which guides and monitors," he wrote.

The megastar’s health problems are related to his almost fatal accident in 1982 on the sets of the "Coolie". After that the actor, who ruled the Hindi film industry for decades post the success of 1973-action movie "Zanjeer", has been battling with health problems.

This is his third trip to the hospital since 2005.