Smilie Suri & Nikhil Dwivedi dub for animation film Crackers


MUMBAI: Actor Smilie Suri and Nikhil Dwivedi dubbed for the animation film Crackers.

Based and inspired by 26 November terror attack on Mumbai, Crackers deals with youngsters and their courage to stand for what is right. Comments Smilie, “This is the first time that I am dubbing for an animation character. When director Anil Goyal asked me to dub for animated character Kate, he told me that she is young and fun loving but when time comes, she stands by what is right with courage and conviction. It was fun dubbing for her. She is a mix of Veronica and Betty.”

Says Nikhil, “Dubbing for animated characters is a very different game. One has to get into the character to lend all the nuances of different moods.”

Crackers is scheduled to release before the end 2010.