Sonam Kapoor’s make-up woes


MUMBAI: She maybe the latest face of one of the world’s biggest cosmetic brands, but Sonam Kapoor is still woefully shy and hates facing the camera. Confessed the Delhi 6 heroine, “Whenever my make up artist applies make up, I blank out. I never look at the mirror. They know their job, so why should I say anything to them. And also I am very uncomfortable preening in front of the camera. My make up person is fed up with me as I never check to see if anything extra needs to be done.”

The only experimentation, the two film old actress indulges in, are her hairstyles. Kapoor has always tried out various hairstyles and never repeated a single look while she was promoting her film, Delhi 6.

She has the classic bone structure that most models die for. Once an overweight teenager, she said, “I have to exercise daily. It is not possible for me to venture out without exercising. I feel incomplete.”

Kapoor has still not signed on the dotted line for her next film. The news of that should be out within this week, as she weighs her options.