Sony Electronics presents Creed Live Music Concert


MUMBAI:  Sony Electronics is presenting Creed Live, the third in a series of digital cinema music concerts as part of an ongoing alternative content initiative by its Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group.

The concert premieres in select U.S. theaters on 7 December using Sony’s 4K digital cinema projector.
The Sony digital cinema series of music concerts was developed to present exhibitors and music fans with a high-quality HD, cinematic, surround sound experience.
"Making this DVD was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us," said Creed lead singer Scott Stapp." Producer, director Daniel Catullo and his staff not only set a world record filming this, but set a whole new benchmark for filming the live show with unprecedented vision and
creativity. I have never seen anything like this, nor have our fans. I am so excited to finally give Creed fans something they will never forget. I know this is something that will keep us connected at all times through the live experience. Honestly, I am blown away!"

"Creed is a fantastic addition to our series of theatrical music events," said Sony Electronics senior vice president Digital Cinema Solutions and Services Mike Fidler. "The band’s long-standing commercial success and loyalty of their fan base is sure to make this
movie-concert experience a success. The ability to see this performance in 4K resolution will only heighten the level of excitement and create a truly unique and immersive entertainment experience."

The program will also be made available for a 30-day period on Sony’s BRAVIA Internet Video platform as video-on-demand IP content.

The DVD of Creed Live will arrive in stores 8 December .