SONY F-35 CineAlta Camera workshop at Whistling Woods


Mumbai: The Cinematography Faculty at Whistling Woods International (WWI) organized a two-day workshop showcasing the F-35, the latest from SONY’s CineAlta series, which students are going to use to shoot films..

The F-35 is a state-of-the-art High Definition (HD) camera which is the newer, better version of the F-23. In terms of technological advances, it was demonstrated that the F-35 uses one super 35mm sized CCD over the three 2/3 inch type CCDs used by its predecessor, the F-23, thus giving better image quality and extensive DOF controls.

It utilizes the PL lens mount system which allows cinematographers to use the 35mm film lenses with this camera. F-35 has a pre-set option termed the ‘cine mode’ which sets the camera to a film-camera like experience. The incorporation of the 35mm lens solves some of the problems of cinematographers with reference to the lack of depth that used to be a major constraint with digital cameras.

The performance of the F-35 in low-light conditions and improved handling of the high-lights answered many of the questions that cinematographers had about using HD. Practicing  cinematographers at the workshop at WWI were highly impressed by the color saturation and sharpness of the images shot by the F-35. Of particular relevance was the fact that sharp and crisp image acquisition is most suited for high-end special effects work.