Sony Pictures signs with multiplexes for Saawariya


MUMBAI: The tussle between Sony Pictures and Eros International for higher share of revenue for Saawariya and Om Shanti Om today saw the former coming to terms with multiplexes.

In a meeting that took place today (Friday, 2 November) between Sony Pictures India and the multiplexes, Sony agreed on the revenue sharing terms with multiplexes. However, Eros is yet to touch a common ground of revenue sharing with multiplexes for Om Shanti Om.

The terms that the two parties have agreed upon for Bombay are 50:50, 40:60 and 30:70 for first, second and third week respectively. The same for other smaller territories is 50:50, 42�:57�, 35:65. was the first to report that Sony and Eros were rooting for revenue sharing terms, which were more than that of even Yash Raj Films. The duo were looking at 50 per cent share for the first two weeks, followed by 40 per cent share in the third and fourth weeks.

However, now as a fall out of the settlement between Sony and multiplexes, ticket bookings for Saawariya are likely to open on Saturday at most multiplexes.

On the other hand, Eros is yet to arrive at a decision with the multiplexes except for Inox, which is the distributor of Om Shanti Om in Kolkata. Hence Inox will start advance bookings of both movies from tomorrow and will play both movies on 9 November in its Kolkata properties.

Sony Pictures India and Eros International officials were not available for comment.

Sources close to the development inform that this entire episode may actually work in favour of Saawariya and have them settle for better terms and more shows with mutiplexes.

According to sources, even if the two movies do end up getting equal number of shows, Saawariya may get the screens with the higher audience capacity, which is nothing but an incentive for signing up first.

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