Sorry Ramadoss, Pepsi’s John’s diet

Health Minister Dr. Ambumani Ramadoss’s appeal to celebrities not to endorse carbonated drinks hasn’t seen much response from Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai but John Abraham the latest to join the cola bandwagon feels politicians should concentrate on their work. “I definitely respect his decision, but I also feel politicians should stop interfering in what actors are doing. They should not tell actors what to do or what not to do. Tomorrow, even I can appeal to the politicians not to behave in a certain way,” he opines.

But at the same time John respects the health minister’s decision because he feels there must be certainly a motive behind the call. “I like to look at things positively. There must certainly be some good reason why he must have given this appeal,” he adds quickly.

Reacting to Ramdoss’s appeal asking Shah Rukh and Aishwarya to meet him in New Delhi to talk about the cola issues, John says, “I can talk about myself. I am in a hypothetical situation. I have already signed a contract with Pepsi to endorse Pepsi Diet. Had it been before that then may be I would have reconsidered my decision.”

Abraham is also associated with a children’s channel, Hungama for which he was chosen as the brand ambassador after being voted to be the most popular amongst them through a poll, “I would never mean any harm to children. I feel the carbonated drinks commercials should not be shown on children’s channels,” he signs off.

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