Star Movies to premiere Flight Plan

MUMBAI: Star Movies will be premiering Flight Plan on 2 March at 9 pm.

Flight Plan is a thriller starring Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sean Bean and Marlene Lawston. The movie depicts what happens after Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) boards a flight from Berlin to New York with her daughter Julia (Marlene Lawston).

In Berlin, the aircraft propulsion engineer Kyle Pratt is grieving the loss of her beloved husband, who fell from the roof of their building. She quits her job and decides to travel Long Island to bury the body. She takes his coffin back to the US on a flight from Berlin to New York with her traumatized six years old daughter Julia.

After Kyle wakes up from a nap to find out Julia has disappeared mid flight, she begins a frantic attempt to find out what has happened to her. With the airline crew denying that her daughter was even on the plane, Kyle begins to question her sanity as she tries to convince air marshal Carson (Sarsgaard) of what has happened.

With no help, Kyle takes it upon herself to find out the reasoning behind her daughters disappearance and save her.

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