Star One to launch reality dance show Zara Nachke Dikha


Mumbai: From a 10-year-old boy to a 65-year-old woman, across professions and in every corner of the country, both the genders have always wondered who is the greater sex after all?

In an attempt to solve the debate on this ensuing gender war, Star One presents Zara Nachke Dikha – a first of its kind battle of the sexes on the dance floor. The show will feature twice a week with the best of the celebrities from the television industry who will be pitted against each other to prove their superiority. Zara Nachke Dikha starts from July on Star One.

The show will comprise eight beautiful kudis, all geared up with their dancing shoes and feminine grace against eight handsome mundas, ready to prove their dancing mettle in this never-seen-before faceoff.

Star One EVP Ravi Menon said, "Being unique and presenting the audiences with something exclusive has always been our forte. The gender war will get an all new meaning with this show and we hoping to push the envelope of fun and entertainment."

He added, "We have roped in the best dancers from the television industry for both the teams so as to ensure a fair battle ground. We have been redefining television viewer ship with all our new programming content so keep watching Star One for more."

Viewers will witness the clash twice a week. The first day will be the Performance Episode while the second day will be the Challenge Episode. Each Performance Episode will have seven different performances across both teams wherein the jury will decide one winner. For the weaker team, the Challenge Episode will give an opportunity to bounce back.

With no eliminations and no public voting, the show will be based on the jury’s final verdict. The show will not only present viewers with some stimulating dance moves but also showcase the best of the strategies in order to score over the opposite team. From understanding the next move to playing mind games to being extremely manipulative, the show will have the mundas scheme against the kudis and vice-versa in the strategy room.

From teasing, mocking, being sarcastic, disdainful and passing on sneering comments, the kudis versus the mundas team will miss no opportunity to take a dig at each other.

Well, here is a perfect opportunity for both teams to put on their dancing shoes, to give in their best shot, to prove whether it will be the girls or boys to sweep the jury and the viewers off their feet.