Sunny Deol’s Rs. 220 million treasure hunt!

Mumbai: The search for the treasure chest aka the pot of gold
aka the holy grail has sent many a director in hot pursuit, but mostly in Hollywood. Mckenna’s Gold, the Indiana Jones series, Pirates of the Caribbean come easily to mind.

Naksha, Akshay and Sachin Bajaj’s adventure film around a treasure hunt, releasing September 9, is thus poised to enter ground where few Indian scriptwriters have gone before.The film, shot in New Zealand, Thailand, Manali, Panchgani and Mumbai, stars Sunny Deol, Viveik Oberoi, Sameera Reddy and Jackie Shroff. With high octane stunts including dangerous river rafting sequences choregraphed by Allan Amin (whose action choreography will be seen next in Dhoom 2), it will be distributed in 400-500 prints worldwide

The movie marks the debut of the Bajaj Brothers, sons of well known distributor and Subhash Ghai associate Tolu Bajaj. Says Akshay, “My brother Sachin, who has written and directed
the movie, had this subject of a treasure hunt in mind for long. Initially we wanted to make a film called Bharat with
Sunny Deol in the lead, but Sunny preferred the adventure subject. Naksha was the result and since it is our first time, we have left no stone unturned”.

Is there an India Jones in the offing? Only time, the box office and will tell.

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