Sushmita Sen has a split-personality disorder in No Problem

MUMBAI: In Anees Bazmee’s next flick No Problem, Sushmita Sen is playing the role of an individual with split personality.

Buzz is that she plays the daughter of the commissioner of police and Anil Kapoor’s wife who is so fed up with his demeanor that she develops a split-personality disorder.

The after effects of this disorder are so grave that for 10 minutes every day she turns completely violent and sets out to kill her poor husband. During one such fit, she reportedly runs after Anil with a sword and fights to take his life as he tries to defend himself with anything and everything that he can get hold of!

Once she is over the fit she is back to her perfectly normal self and becomes the ideal wife who prays that her husband mends his ways! Sen handled the entire stunt required for the scene on her own.

Looks like Sen’s tryst with the sword  will be going a long way, since she will be taking to the sword  again in her next film which is on the lines of Jhansi Ki Rani.