Tandav Films to file case against ratings in movie reviews


Mumbai: Tandav Films’ Savita Hiremath, producer of Khosla Ka Ghosla, will file a case in the Delhi High Court to make a plea to stop judgment on movies. By judgment she means star ratings and rankings that reviewers and journalists shower on films every Friday via the press and media.

According to Hiremath, there is no uniformity in the rankings of the movies and some good films have had to face the brunt with their business being affected drastically.

"Sometimes one reviewer gives a single star to a movie and another reviewer gives four stars to the same movie. It is a mafia. We have not hired them to review our movies. They should specify clearly that the reviews are their personal reviews and then let audience decide for themselves," said Hiremath.

She further added, "If the politicians can be intimidated with Exit Polls, our industry too has a right to ban these rankings given to our movies. I am filing my case in a day or two; the paper work for this is ready."

Hiremath is filing this case independently under the guidance of her corporate lawyer Anand and Anand and hopes to receive support from other producers and the film & television producers guild of India as well.

"I have no complaints against the media, for they made Khosla Ka Ghosla what it is today and I am confident about my forthcoming movies too. I am filing this case as an individual and I am doing it as my duty for the industry," concluded Hiremath.