MySpace, Auditude partner MTV Networks for advertising opps for user uploaded video


Mumbai: MySpace and Auditude, a new provider of patented online video advertising technology, has announced that they have partnered with MTV Networks to enable advertising opportunities within audience-uploaded videos across MySpace.

Through this relationship, Auditude will provide the opportunity for advertisements to be inserted across a suite of MTV Networks’ most popular video content uploaded to MySpace, including clips from MTV and Comedy Central, among others. This agreement enables all parties – publishers, content owners, advertisers, and fans – to benefit from the organic distribution of premium video on the Web.

"Auditude is opening the floodgates for users to program video on MySpace and ensure copyright holders get paid," said MySpace president marketing and sales Jeff Berman.

MySpace is leveraging a patented technology developed by Auditude that pair automatic identification of virtually any professional video uploaded across the Internet with an ad platform that enables content owners to serve targeted ads within that content. With more than a billion minutes of professional content already indexed — including more than 250 million videos, and four years worth of 100 channels of television — Auditude is creating the opportunity for content owners to harness the power of audience-uploaded content and distributed video to activate an otherwise untapped revenue stream.

"Auditude’s mission is to grow the market for premium online video by unifying all aspects of distribution and advertising. We embrace the fact that online video is fundamentally social and created the identification technology and advertising platform to include the power of audience syndication – fans uploading content to the Web – as a form of content distribution. Our partnership with MySpace allows us to help content owners, like MTV Networks, reach their fans where they are most active," said Auditude CEO Adam Cahan. "We hope to grow the market for monetizing online video by simplifying ad targeting and providing scale through audience participation."

Auditude announced the launch of the Attribution Overlay which automatically identifies content informing viewers about details of shows being viewed online. The attribution also enables the content owner to integrate information about the video clip being played and provides an opportunity for the viewer to watch additional relevant content or have access to commerce links – for instance buy show – or merchandise related to that content. Video advertisers now have a usable channel to target audiences of premium content across the Web.