Tata Elxsi joins as member of MoCA

Mumbai: Tata Elxsi has joined as a member of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA). Tata and MoCA are aligned in their viewpoint and approach toward the delivery of video in the home and the consumer’s appetite for digital media.
Tata Elxsi is the technology arm of the $73.6 billion Tata Group and provides product design and development services in the areas of VoIP, broadband access, IP networks, wireless and home networking, and consumer electronics.
"We call it the media continuum which we define as a seamless chain from the origin to the consumption of content. The driving force behind this continuum is the consumer’s desire to acquire, transmit and receive content anytime and anywhere," said Tata Elxsi general manager of marketing Nitin Pai.
"Consumer devices are at both ends of the media continuum. We have seen many new content acquisition and content consumption devices, that both drive and are influenced by changing habits in media consumption. This coupled with multiple delivery mechanisms including Internet broadband and packet-based networking provide more choices, and more risk, than ever for service providers, product manufacturers and the end consumer. Choosing the right multimedia technology standard is both complex and crucial for long-term success," added Pai.
"A truly global standard is measured by its international appeal and viability in a variety of industry segments. Tata’s membership demonstrates MoCA’s ability to meet both criterion. We continue to add to our international membership roster with companies from Asia and Europe, and we provide a solution across all broadband digital media industry segments including telecommunications, cable, satellite and retail," said MoCA president Charles Cerino.