The 90 Minutes Surge!

It is the season’s first football film and the first football film to come after two decades. And this time, the players of Padmini Kapila’s 90 Minutes directed by Iqbaal Rizzvi got together with a variety sports enthusiasts including for a football match at Mehboob Studios, Bandra. Organised by Surge Entertainments Pvt Limited, with exclusive screening on SaharaOne in an episode titled Boondon Se Baatein, on July 16, the match was a part of the monsoon special. “Boondon Se Baatein is about what rain means to the world of cinema and television.

Romance in India is all about the rains,” enthuses Amit Mehrotra, director of the show. “90 Minutes is what the world waited for over a month, 90 Minutes is that football fans now await with bated breath every night, and 90 Minutes is what the Indian cinema is awaiting too. Hence the match is of great significance,” adds Mehrotra.

With Aditya Bal leading one team and Iqbal Rizzvi leading the other, the match was a edge-of-the seat entertainment and yet has its un element intact. “It is fun and the boys just love it,” echoed director Iqbaal Rizzvi cheered on by costars Rukhsar and Abhimanyu who couldn’t play as he had a leg injury. “We had to cut the shoot short due to his injury. Abhimanyu nevertheless was more than happy cheering his team. “I wanted to be there but I have a shoot in Delhi and hence couldn’t make it,” said Manoj Bajpai who plays a coach in the film. Padmini Kapila, who is in Dubai currently, echoed the same.

International star Raj Vasudeva who is making his debut in Bollywood with Bezubaan Pathar opposite Vasundhara Das said that since he heard about the match in the afternoon, he felt the need to come and cheer the players. “It is great fun,” he said. We surely agree with him!

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