The FTPGI organises its 3rd Entertainment, Media and Marketing Forum

Mumbai: The Film and Television Producers Guild of India (FTPGI) organised its 3rd annual forum on 17 August. The Annual Entertainment, Media and  Marketing Forum EM2 had experts talk about the current scenario of the entertainment, media and marketing in India and their vision for the future of the industry.

The objective of the event was to provide insight to the stakeholders in the entertainment, media and marketing business in discovering synergies, identifying new revenue streams, facilitating cross media promotion and identifying a 360 degree approach to the film and television marketing.

Addressing the forum, Amit Khanna, President, Guild said “We have consciously moved into the attention economy where goods and services of all kinds including media and entertainment are vying for attention. The scarcest thing in today’s word is attention. Attention scarcity is actually creating a new eco system. People now consume multiple media’s at the same time. Hence I say media is attention seeking.”

To this Mahesh Bhatt agrees and adds, “It is very difficult now-a-days to stop and take notice of ads for which the
product manufacture spends a lot of money. The growing failure to get and keep consumers attention is the defining affliction of the times. Managing attention is going to be the single most important factor for the success of any product.”

Talking about the inter dependent nature of the media Amit Khanna
says, “When a film is released the filmmaker needs to attract people into the auditorium and create buzz about his film, for which he needs the TV channels, mobiles and print media. So this is a synergy, the news channels need product for their broadcast and in turn create content for themselves.”

He further adds, “That entertainment today has become a fundamental right. After food most people think of entertainment
as their basic primary need. This has given rise to various new forms of media over the years and now DTH and IPTV are
the new upcoming forms of media which will dominate the future of entertainment.”

Talking about the integration of entertainment media and
marketing Kunal Dasgupta, Vice President, Guild shared information saying, “I had recently met a filmmaker who said he
had recovered a major chunk of his revenue before the release of his films. He acquired 12% of the revenue through in-film advertising, another 29% by pre-selling the audio video, overseas, broadcast and various other rights. So he was just left with making 59% of the revenue.”

Bhatt, Vice President, Guild says, "We are rich in technology but parched of ideas, and the Indian entertainment industry needs to know about its inner impoverishment. In the recent function of my film The Killer I realised I was talking more like a PR man of Intel than as a producer.I was explaining to people about the advantages of using their new product and their 1 billion investment plan in
India.” Amongst others present at the forum were Pradeep Guha, CEO, Zee Telefilms, Rajat Jain, MD Disney, Sameer
Nair, CEO Star TV, Uday Singh, MD, Sony Pictures, N. Muthuram, Country Head, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Tarun Katiyal, COO, Adlabs Radio.

The distinguishing factor of this year’s FTPGI’s EM2 event will be its second day which will serve as a networking platform for the delegates and an opportunity for advertisers, brand custodians and media companies to meet the content producers in person.

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