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The Short Circuit continues its crusade of promoting shorts at every worthy opportunity and platform available and being offered to us.

The Short Circuit presents a series of Kickass Shorts @ Aavishkar, the radical theatre platform now also venturing into screening of Films. Also a Feast of Delicious Docs curated by Vikalp on 15th and 16th

Date: 14th Sept.

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Venue: Aavishkar
New Municipal High School
Mian Mohammed Chottani Marg
Mahim West
Tel – 24445871 (6:30pm – 9:30pm)

Damages: Rs 50/- for Non Students, 25/- for Students ( Pl bring valid ID ) per

Passes available at venue.

Films to be screened:

1) Printed Rainbow (Animated)
Dir: Gitanjali Rao
Dur: 15 Min.
Awards: Young Critic’s Award for best short film- Critic’s Week, CANNES 2006.
Kodak discovery award for best short film, Mumbai Intl Film Festival 2006- Golden
conch for best animation film.
This is a story about an old woman living alone with her cat in a big city, her
only escape from the dreary routine of her day is her matchbox collection, the
brilliant labels of which transport her into fantastic worlds of colour and beauty.

2) Girni
Dir: Umesh Kulkarni
Dur: 22 Min.
Awards: Winner, national award, best non feature film 2004
Rage against Machine !

3) The Bath
Dir: Sachin Kundalkar
Dur: 16 Min.
The bath is a story of Sameer, a male prostitute working on the streets and his
client Vikram. The film explores the life of a young male sex worker who ends
up having an unusual experience of his life one night.

4) The Bypass
Dir : Amit kumar
Dur : 15 min.
Awards : Kodak Bafta showcase for shorts: Best film and Best cinematography-2003
A circular desert tale, off the beaten track, where danger is but A stones throw

5) Dhak
Dir: Rajesh Chakroborty
Dur: 3 min.
Grand award, toonz animation at SCA, Trivandrum
A child who, struggling to play his own drum, remembers the percussion beats
that reverberate during the Pujas. The boy is borne on the wings of memory-and
the waves of primal, charged sound-to the festivities: The mind’s journey complete,
the child plays his drum.

6) Continuum (India Premiere)
Dir: Anand Gandhi / Khusboo Ranka
Dur: 38 Min.
The Film narrates simple stories from everyday life, popular culture and folklore
that explore the continuum of life and death, of love and paranoia, of trade
and value, of need and invention, of hunger and enlightment.

Ladies’ special ( 31 minutes)
Dir: nidhi tuli
An account of two journeys made by women travelling on the ‘ladies special’ local
train, an entire train dedicated to women. The only one of its kind in the whole
world. The film explores how the overworked, stressed women of mumbai, took time
and space on the train and made it their own private space, where they could
be themselves.

Bitter drink (27 minutes)
Dir: baburaj and saratchandran
Chronicles the struggle of the most marginalised section of the indian society,
the tribal community, against the mighty global giant coca cola. It also discusses
the issue of the ownership of natural resources, mainly water.

New empire (35 minutes)
Dir: kurush canteenwala
New empire is a visually impressionistic, non-fiction film that attempts to chronicle
a personal encounter with neo-colonialism and the accompanying loss of away of
urban being.The encounter is set around the memory of new empire restaurant and
bakery, an irani restaurant, at the epicenter of downtown bombay . After shutting
down in 1997, the restaurant re-opened as a mcdonald’s outlet.

The narrative is that of a group of friends talking about the changes in bombay
‘s social spaces, as experienced by them. These conversations occur in the intimacy
of the irani’s public space. All the interviews were recorded in irani restaurants,
and the idiom in which the encounter is recalled is local and non-formal. The
temporality of film is used to imagine a space, and the relationship that these
subjects in that space had to time.

Snapshots from a family album ( 63 minutes)
Dir: avijit kishore
Total programme length 156 minutes

Some roots grow upwards (52 minutes)
Dir: kavita joshi
What is the relevance of theatre (or all art, for that matter) to the crisis
of our times? The film explores the creative canvas & politics of ratan thiyam,
celebrated manipuri theatre director, against the backdrop of this query.

The sword and the spear (47 minutes)
Dir: sunil shanbag, sanjiv shah, sudheer palsane, suresh rajamani
Astad deboo is one of india ‘s foremost contemporary Dancers. His has been a
life of travel and Exploration, in a quest to create a style of dance that bridges
time and cultures. His ability to absorb Different influences and styles and
create uniqueDance works has won critical acclaim all over theWorld. Recently
he has been collaborating with theThang-ta martial arts performers from manipur.
Film picks up the dance company on tour in taiwan , and Explores the relationship
between astad and the Thang-ta dancers.

From world to world (54 minutes)

An exploration of the work of gael turine, a belgian photographer whose work
is a fine example f social realism. The film follows the photographer on his
assignments in diferent parts of the world.

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