Title War: Manoj Bajpai & Vikram Bhatt slug it out

MUMBAI: Manoj Bajpai is at loggerheads with Vikram Bhatt, the producer of Manoj’s film directed by Maqbool Khan.

To his horror Manoj woke up this week to the realization that the title of the film has been changed to a very filmy-sounding Rab Jaisa Koi and Bajpai, who has earlier slugged it out with Ram Gopal Varma on ideological grounds, is not taking it lying down.

Says the incensed actor, “How can Vikram call our film Rab Jaisa Koi? It sounds like a soap opera. The film was to be earlier titled Vibhishan or Bijnor (where it is set). These are apt titles since the film functions within the realistic space. How can we have such a filmy title for a gritty realistic film?”

Vikram, on the other hand, is determined to retain the new title. And Manoj is equally adamant to have it changed.

Says the actor, “I won’t let it go that easily. I know Vikram will put up a big fight to keep that title. But I am equally determined to see this title go out of the nearest window.”

While Bhatt and Bajpai are locked in a title war the film’s director has discreetly decided to keep out of it.

Get ready for a season of dissent between the producer who claims he knows what he’s doing by calling the film Rab Jaisa Joi, and the actor who thinks otherwise.