Rahman steps on the pedal to complete Rockstar music

MUMBAI: Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar apparently has 16 tracks and music maestro A R Rahman has a deadline to meet. He is currently recording the background music for Rockstar in Chennai at his studio.

According to a source from Chennai work is going on a “war-footing” in the studio to meet the 11.11.2011 release date.

The source informs Businessofcinema.com, “Rockstar has been delayed long enough. The music was the main area of creative contemplation. Rahman Sir was required to compose as many as 16 solid tracks for the film.”

These apparently include a couple of numbers done in two versions on acoustic and electric guitar. “But obviously they had to be recorded separately, and from scratch. This has been one of the toughest challenges of Rahman Sir’s career. Just the sheer volume of tunes required took him twice the time taken by an average film score.”

The background score is now being recorded overnight, so to speak. And the one bearing the brunt of Rahman’s anxious schedule is director Sagar Ballary whose film Hum Tum Shabana is just a week and a half from release. Apparently Sagar, who as a creative policy, records all his music at Rahman’s studio in Chennai, finds himself running helter-skelter to accommodate his technicians into the studio during the hours when Rahman is not working.

Explains Ballary, “I am mixing Hum Tum Shabana in Rahman Sir’s studio. All my films Bheja Fry 2, Kachcha Limboo and Hum Tum Shabana are mixed in Rahman Sir’s studio in Chennai. Yes, we’ve had to adjust our schedule according to his. He’s recording the background score for Rockstar.”

When asked about the inconvenience, Sagar protests, “Rahman Sir had planned his recordings long ago. He likes to record during the night. So we’ve no choice but to use his studio late evening nad early morning.”