TiVo chooses Wipro’s DVB-T middleware to build HD DVRs


Mumbai: TiVo Inc. has adopted Wipro Technologies’ DVB-T and Common Interface (CI) software stacks for its solutions targeting Australian and European markets.

The solution supports the free-to-air television networks’ digital channels available across Australia with most of TiVo’s popular features.

TiVo Inc. vice president and GM International Joshua Danovitz said, "Licensing Wipro’s DVB-T stack provided easy integration with the TiVo platform, saving a considerable amount of development time and helping to ensure a successful launch in Australia. We are pleased with the results and the support provided by the Wipro team."

"We are excited about the fact that Wipro’s multi-country compliant DVB-T stack, along with DVB-CI stack, has been adopted by TiVo for their DVR solutions" said Wipro Technologies vice president mobile consumer electronics & automotive group Nagamani Murthy.

Wipro with its wide spectrum of competencies in the Consumer Electronics domain has more than twenty five licensees for its Digital TV middleware stacks such as ATSC, OpenCable, DVB-T/C/S/CI, MHEG-5 and ISDB-T/S. These stacks can be found in multiple product segments including HDTV, High-end Hybrid set-top box, DVR and In-Car TVs. With it’s Digital TV middleware, Wipro helps its customer focus on product differentiation through rich applications.