UTV Action ties up with Marvel Comics to air super-hero films


MUMBAI: UTV’s action movie channel – UTV Action – has forged an alliance with Marvel Comics in India to air the latter’s super hero movie franchises on the channel.

Marvel Comics has under its umbrella properties like Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Iron Man, The X-Men, Wolverine and The Hulk amongst others. In 2009 Marvel Comics entered the Indian market with superhero entities under Spacetoons distribution banner.

UTV Action’s association with Marvel Comics is a venture to target male audiences across age group and to entertain the youth with their favorite super hero and action titles. To begin the alliance with Marvel Comic UTV Action is promoting Ghost Rider, an action super hero title in May.

Additionally, the channel has also dedicated a slot every Thursday to air Marvel movies. Marvel Comic books will also highlight – Movie of The Month every month in order to expose the audience with yet another medium to experience an array of super heroes on UTV Action.

UTV Action channel head Sameer Ganapathy said, "The association with Marvel Comics is another step in ensuring that UTV Action is present wherever there is a reference to ‘Action’. This initiative is expected to enhance brand awareness amongst consumers of action comics."

Kids Animation India (Spacetoon) managing director and CEO Rajiv Sangari added, "Marvel Comics have been the epitome of action the world over in the field of comics and Kids Animation India proudly launches the Indian edition of Marvel Adventures a line of comic books for younger readers. Kids Animation is also very happy to associate with UTV Action, which is an embodiment of action on Indian television space. We feel the brand values are the same and both cater to the same target audience and hence the synergies are great. We will be promoting UTV Action’s Movie of the Month through the back cover every issue and UTV Action will be promoting the upcoming issue’s story every month."