UTV Palador’s world cinema at Adlabs

MUMBAI: Masterpieces of world cinema that were mostly confined to DVD viewing or film festival screenings in India can now be seen at Metro Adlabs every week starting 13 April with City of God.

Through an exclusive collaboration with UTV Palador’s The Olive Collection, Adlabs Cinemas aims at giving viewers an access to the world’s largest library of world cinema under one roof on the big screen. Some upcoming titles to watch out for are 13 Tzameti, Lost Highway, Double Life of Veronique, Three Colours: Blue, Three Colours: Red and Three Colours: White.

The Olive Collection includes over 1000 film titles from 20 countries that have cumulatively won over 3000 awards at international forums like BAFTA, Cannes, Pusan, Berlin, Venice and Toronto amongst others.

Films from countries like France, Japan, China, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina in languages like French, Polish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese etc. (subtitled in English) and feature maverick directors like Akira Kurusawa, Francois Truffaut, Michael Haneke, Wim Wenders, Claude Chabrol, Abbas Kiarostami and Takeshi Kitano will be featured.

Starting 13 April 2007, Adlabs Cinemas will have two evening shows daily in Metro Adlabs. Similar shows will be there in Gold Adlabs, Pune.

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