UTV’s World Movies launches platinum collection

MUMBAI: World Movies, the international movie channel from UTV, will show ‘World Movies Platinum Collection’, starting this April.

UTV Entertainment Television COO Dishad Master said, “This is our prized collection of the most famous, most award winning and most precious films ever made. We have hand picked every movie here from film festivals around the world and traveled across Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong and the United States to get our viewers this most amazing collection.”

World Movies Platinum Collection includes contemporary, entertaining award winners from around the world like The Counterfeiters from Austria, Twilight Samurai from Japan, Zelary from Czech Republic, Hidden Blade from Japan, the Oscar winner Frida, which also got Salma Hayek an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Iranian film Crimson Gold, Spanish film Buenos Aires amongst others.

World Movies Platinum Collection will also feature films from the absolute masters – Truffaut, Kieslowski, Kurosawa and Luc Besson.

Apart from World Movies Platinum Collection, World Movies is also introducing three new time slots starting in April. These are Monday Night Comedies, Great Destinations on Wednesdays and Thursday Thrillers all starting at 8:30 pm.

Monday Night Comedies will feature comedy movies like Spanish film Queens and romantic French comedy Black Cat, White Cat.

Thursday Thrillers will air movies like Koma a Cantonese thriller about kidney theft; Eye In The Sky about a Hong Kong police surveillance unit that tracks its prey silently, Spanish film on the occult The Hidden and French thriller Money.