Victoria No. 203 stars in Jam Shipra Mall



Do you remember Victoria No.203? The Diamonds, A Cart driven by horses….these were the key words in that movie. Absolutely, we are talking about the movie Victoria No.203.

Released in 1972 staring Ashok Kumar, Saira Banu, Navin Nischol, Pran etc. directed by Biju Sadanah. Now his son Kamal Sadanah, who started his career as an actor with Bekhudi beside Kajol, producing the remake of this movie with Jimmy Shergill, Preeti Jhangiani, Soniya Mehra, Kamal Sadanah etc.

Stars of new Victoria No.203 were arrived to Jam Shipra Mall recently to promote their film. According to Kamal Sadanah, this movie is not the adaptation of the old version it’s a remake and definitely it is different because the old Victoria No.203 was released in 1972 and shot according to the then social scenario, this movie is different in terms of technicalities and many other aspects. Reacting to a question that script is written once again for new Victoria No.203? (Or) Are you following the previous script? He said, No, we have worked a lot on the script and it is required, because the things will change time to time. Generally people prefer to take the scripts from Hollywood, but if we see Indian cinema has a great treasure of scripts.

We took the two songs ‘Do Bechare’ and ‘Thodasa Thehro’ as they we in old version. These songs are re-recorded by Vijusha son of Kalyanji Bhai. Interesting part of this movie is that. This movie was directed by my father Biju Sadanah and I am producing this movie, the music was composed by Kalyanji Bahi this is being rerecorded by his son Vijusha, the songs were sung by Kishore Da and in this film Amit Kumar is singing the songs.

Jimmy Shergill says, we have used real diamonds while shooting, there was lot of security for them, but we had lot of fun.