Vishal – Shekhar’s Tashan music succumbs to web piracy


Mumbai: It’s been only a few days since the music of Yash Raj Films’ forthcoming film Tashan was released. Movie and music pirates are showing little sympathy to industry professionals, not even to the likes of Yash Raj Films.

The music of Tashan is up for free download by tons of music pirates. The music of Tashan is by Vishal – Shekhar.

The entire album has been up for download since a couple of days and considering one particular site already displays a few hundred downloads, the numbers is only likely to increase.

With many critics labeling the music hip and worth owning; illegal downloads are only slated to rise. This in spite of YRF propagating the idea of an ‘alert buyer’, and informing the public how to spot an original CD.

With this as a backdrop, the Ernst & Young report for USIBC estimated the losses caused to the industry at a whopping Rs 16,000 crores, all due to piracy. This has further been leading to job and revenue losses in the industry.

Spiraling from here, music bands like Oasis and Radiohead, even producers like Universal Music, are offering music following the ‘pay as much as you wish’ scheme, allowing the consumer to decide the right price. Rampant piracy calls for new means of curbing it.

The digital downloads of songs are made available on the company’s official website; however, they it’s based on a pay model. The audio CD is priced at Rs 160, whereas the cassette is priced at Rs 55.

Yash Raj Films recently issued court proceedings following counterfeit and pirate videos appearing in the market place. Going forward, it remains to be how the media major uses its ‘Tashan’ to stop piracy of its products.