Warner Bros to release 3D animation Hindi film Bird Idol on 23 April

    MUMBAI: Warner Bros India will be releasing the 3D animation Hindi film Bird Idol on 23 April. The movie is produced by Goel Screencraft and is directed by Jyotin Goel.


    Goel said, "The creative thought behind the poster of our film is based on a saying by the famous director Alfred Hitchcock – The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture. It has inspired us as we have shown the biggest possible villain in our poster whose name is Dhamki and four of our main characters including our hero Hummi and his love interest Surili with their two friends are playing music on its nose and forehead. We have tried to illustrate the victory over evil by the means of music. The film is not based on the human kingdom but portrays the melodious world of birds and attempts to explore their lives from an unusual standpoint. It is a journey into the lives of birds as they soar over dense jungles and teeming cities, giving them a point of view of the world that is hilariously different from ours."