‘Younger actors’ breed more willing to experiment’ – Imran Khan


    Imran Khan
    Imran Khan
    Imran Khan
    Imran Khan
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    Imran Khan
    He just might be Bollywood’s next golden boy. Yes, it’s a pretty risky statement to make, but take a look at the facts: His very first film Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na became one of the biggest hits and overnight he became every young girl’s dream boy. Add to the fact that post the release of the film, he was flooded with film offers. Whether he’s on the big screen, hosting an awards show or just sitting across from you at a table giving an interview… this GenX actor is charm personified!

    At a young age of 26, Imran Khan’s trek through the world of the Hindi film industry has been a very successful one. In a free-wheeling interview with Businessofcinema.com, this down to earth actor talks about his forthcoming film Luck and the responsibility that the new breed of actors shoulder in today’s day and age.


    Your film Luck is about to release. How nervous are you about it?
    I was not at all nervous before the release of Jaane Tu… because then I had not achieved anything in life! But now yes, I am very scared and nervous because I have a certain stature.

    How do you decide to do a film? Do u look at the script, the banner or the money?
    Money for me has never been the main reason but there are three things that I always look at. The first being the script irrespective of the fact whether it is a comedy, a serious film or an action film… the script has to excite me. Secondly it’s very important to have a director who can do justice to that script and thirdly the producer has to support the director and also understand how to make the film.

    Besides being an actor you also have a flair for writing so do we see you writing your own script?
    Currently I write a weekly column for a daily newspaper but I feel that writing a script is much larger so I don’t see myself doing that at the moment.

    You have also trained in filmmaking from Los Angeles, how interested are you in direction?
    Yes, I aspired to be a director but became an actor. However, I am enjoying acting at the moment but maybe in the future I would like to direct films too.

    Being born into a well known family of filmmakers and being related to an actor like Aamir Khan, have you ever felt the pressure to live up to their expectations?

    No, I have never felt that pressure but yes I do put pressure on myself to do well and become a far better actor than I am.

    Ranbir, Abhay and you are the new breed or the next generation actors. How do you think you guys will work towards making our industry better and how different are you guys from the older actors?
    Our industry is at a very interesting stage, the films that are being made today are far better. Moreover, the sensibilities are changing not only because of the new breed of actors but also because of the new breed of technicians, writers, directors etc. The credit also goes to the fact that the younger people these days are more exposed to world cinema.

    The younger breed of actors are more willing to experiment rather than sticking to a set formula. Abhay is one of the biggest examples as far as experimenting is concerned and he has been successful, I thought Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! was a good film.

    Today there is a trend where actors are signing a three or five deal with the corporates. Have you also done something like that?
    No, I have not. Even though I have been offered a few, I have turned them down because I feel acting is a creative process and I should have that freedom to choose and act as and when I feel.

    Which is that one film that has inspired you?
    There was this film called Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels that released in 1998, which is one of the best films that I have watched till date. The language, the glamour, the style was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was like a major wake up call for me.

    What according to you is your dream role?

    I really don’t have any such dream role because I feel the roles or characters are created by the actor.

    Among all the films that Aamir Khan has done, which one is your personal favourite?
    I like watching all his films but what I enjoyed watching the most was Rang De Basanti and Dil Chahata Hai. I feel he was really good in both the films and he stretched himself as an actor.