Zee Cinema launches Namaste Hollywood


MUMBAI: Zee Cinema will showcase two of Hollywood‘s biggest blockbusters dubbed in Hindi on the last Sunday of every month as a part of its new series Namaste Hollywood. Namaste Hollywood kicks off on 27 Jauary at 3:30 pm with thrillers like Eraser and Matrix Reloaded.


Zee Cinema business head Mohan Gopinath said, “Hollywood is synonymous with world-class technology in film making, mind-blowing special effects, breath-taking stunts and superior editing that produces edgy thrillers. At Zee Cinema, we want every Hindi-speaking cinema lover to relish the magic of Hollywood films just as much as he enjoys the masti of Bollywood. Namaste Hollywood, with its excellent choice of films, finely dubbed in Hindi will be a delight to watch.”


Namaste Hollywood has an interesting line-up of blockbusters such as Eraser starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, the sequels to the 1999 blockbuster, The Matrix, superhero films like Batman Returns and Batman & Robin, war films and high-voltage dramas like Troy & The Last Samurai and family entertainers like Free Willy.