Zee Turner threatens to pull 35 channels off DEN network


MUMBAI: Channels like Zee TV, Cartoon Network, Pogo, HBO, Ten Sports, Zee Cafe and Zee Studio amongst others are likely to go off air in parts of Delhi and Mumbai on account of the ongoing dispute between Zee Turner and TV 18 Group owned cable subsidiary DEN.

DEN not just owes outstanding payable to Zee Turner running into crores but also has not signed the agreement to avail the services/ feed of 35 channels distributed by Zee Turner for the year 2009-10.

Zee Turner, for past few months, has several attempts through series of negotiations to close the issue. However, failing to obtain any co-operation from DEN, Zee Turner is now contemplating deactivation of its bouquet of 35 channels on this operator’s network by 17 September, 2009.