Zoom to air Inside Bollywood with Sanjay Gupta and Madhur Bhandarkar


Mumbai: "Simple, straight up, in your face." This is how filmmaker Sanjay Gupta describes his brand of cinema. He does it on the Inside Bollywood with Rohit Roy. Catch him this Sunday, 21 June at 8:00 pm on Zoom.

Gupta, whose movies are usually surrounded by controversy, explores his ideology of originality on the show. He walks us through his reel and real life inspiration, speaks of his belief in cinema, and shares his ideology of content and even gets down to discussing mediocrity in the industry.

He accepts himself as Bollywood’s poster child of inspiration and speaks of his conviction in only making movies he believes in. He agrees with the fact that he is ‘inspired’ but explains that nothing works without research. "It’s not about remaking certain film," he says. "It’s not where it’s coming from, but where you take it to."

Also joining him on the show is a filmmaker known for a radically different kind of cinema—Madhur Bhandarkar. Surprisingly, the two share a few points of view. Bhandarkar mentions Chinese filmmakers who are allegedly making films based on Bollywood releases and backs Sanjay Gupta by agreeing that one should conceptualise cinema only if one believes in it.

Bhandarkar also speaks candidly about his films, known to be issue-based and often topical. He speaks of his disastrous start with Trishakti, and explains the transformation of his filmmaking style to suit a multiplex culture.

The episode also takes a closer look at Bhandarkar’s upcoming release Fashion, and examines his penchant for movies based on glamorous society folk.