Bollywood Celebs And Their Shocking Morphed Pictures

New-MorphedBollywood celebrities give their best for the perfect pictures, but the troll god of cyber and Photoshop brings something else for them.

Many Bollywood actors have been the victims of morphing. Few of them choose to ignore and stay quiet, while few of them have taken action against it. Its really shocking to see that the experts use their funny side of brain in morphing the pictures of the Bollywood celebs, that aren’t less than original.

Photoshop geniuses have morphed some of the pictures of Bollywood actors that had also created controversies.

We bring you the pictures of Bollywood celebs that have been Victim of morphing. While this picture have been on rounds on Social Media and everywhere. Salman-Shahrukh-MorphedShah Rukh Khan-Arpita-Salman Khan:- During the wedding of Salman Khan’s little sister Arpita Khan, a morphed picture of Salman Khan, Arpita Khan and Shah Rukh Khan went viral. Shah Rukh Khan had attended the Mehendi ceremony of Arpita, after which this picture went viral everywhere. Though what you see didn’t happen as it is the morphed picture. We are sure both the Khans would have got smile on their face after they saw this picture.

Aish-MorphedAishwarya Rai Bachchan with Baby: Morphed pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with her baby have done the rounds of internet in the past. In fact, Amitabh Bachchan had to personally deny that then picture is not real and it’s morphed. Really funny, hats off to the creativity!

Kajol-MorphedKajol : Have you ever seen Kajol in this top? Actually even Kajol must have also not seen. Wait the picture is fake, just see the areas pointed by arrows. Good Photoshop, whoever so did it!

Veena-Malik-MorphedVeena Malik: A morphed picture of Veena Malik was used by the leading FHM magzine. The 33-year-old told the Mail Online that she was completely cheated. Well, again the troll god of cyber and Photoshop used.

Narayani-Hema-maliniHema Malini in skirt: Someone has made veteran actress Hema Malini’s picture in mini skirt which went viral. Using the photoshop to morph photo of anyone is not that difficult. The ugly side of Photoshop was used on the actress turned politician Hema Malini.

FHM-Kajal-MorphedKajal Aggarwal’s Topless picture: A leading magazine used Kajal’s morphed picture. Singham actress had claimed that the picture was distorted, they photo-shopped the picture and changed it.

Kareena-MorphedKareena Kapoor Khan: Kareena Kapoor Khan’s morphed picture went viral. In the morphed picture the actress is unclothing herself.