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WATCH: Veena Malik INSULTS India And PM Narendra Modi In Her...

The Pakistani actress Veena Malik has gained a lot of name and fame and we think that the actress owes it to India. After all, it was the fourth season

8 Bollywood Actresses Who Got Pregnant Before Marriage!

Let's take a look at the list of all the Bollywood divas who were reportedly pregnant before they got married

Bollywood Celebrities And Their Love Stories Which Tore Barriers Apart!

With no barrier in religion and country, many Bollywood celebrities found love accord the border.

Former Bigg Boss Contestant Veena Malik Makes SHOCKING Revelations About Her...

Former Bigg Boss contestant and Pakistani actress Veena Malik finally speaks up on her divorce and how her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak turned abusive after marriage.

Watch: Veena Malik BREAKS DOWN About Her Divorce And Her Husband’s...

Former Bigg Boss contestant and Pakistani actress Veena Malik finally speaks up on her divorce with husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak.

Shocking! Former Bigg Boss Contestant Ends Her Marriage For THIS Reason

This came as a shock to know that former Bigg Boss contestant is divorced.

Top 8: Pakistani Stars Who Rose To Popularity Through Bollywood!

We have short-listed few recently popular Pakistani artists who rose to fame in India with Bollywood films.

Photos: It’s A Baby Girl For Veena Malik

Veena Malik who is famous among us all for her stunts and actions in the small screen reality show ‘Bigg Boss' has been blessed with a daughter.

OMG! Rakhi Sawant Insults Sunny Leone Publicly-Watch Video

Rakhi Sawant is known for her weirdest behaviour and straightforward talks while addressing media or be it at any event

Bollywood Celebs And Their Shocking Morphed Pictures

Bollywood celebrities give their best for the perfect pictures, but the troll god of cyber and Photoshop brings something else for them.

Bigg Boss: Most Irritating Contestants

Bigg Boss has always been interesting. Although season lacks the punch like the previous ones, it is still making news. Much has to do with the selection of candidates.

Shocking! Veena Malik Jailed For 26 Years

Veena Malik have had a good chunk of controversies during her active years in Bollywood

Bigg Boss And It’s Biggest Controversies

Bigg Boss has always been a bed of controversies eversince it was incepted and telecast. It never failed to grab eyeballs.

Veena Malik In A Mess Over Her Anti – India Comment...

Veena Malik has been the news since the time she has got married to Asad Bashir Khan Khattak.

Veena Malik Finds Her Soul Mate In Asad Bashir Khan Khattak

Veena Malik who got married in a jiffy to Asad Bashir Khan Khattak in Dubai on December 25, 2013 recently had a white wedding with Asad in America.

Veena Malik Plans Her White Wedding On A Cruise

Veena Khan and her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak's much awaited White Wedding, which first became popular with the Victorian era elites is finally locked.

Veena Malik Finally Says Good Bye To Showbiz

Yes, people can change; they can become more devout and pious and that's exactly what's happening with Veena Malik.

Veena Malik Gets Intimate With Husband Asad Khattak For Vogue

The controversial queen Veena Malik is on a dream run post her marriage with Asad Basheer Khan Khattak and recently did an exclusive photo shoot for Vogue

Veena Malik And Her Husband Stand United

It seems like controversies take immense pleasure being around Veena Malik. The latest one to hit the headlines was all about her boyfriend Prashant Singh

Prashant Singh Files Fraud Complaint Against Veena Malik

Veena Malik & controversies just never seem to die down and this time its all about her relationship with her so called live-in boyfriend Prashant Singh

PHOTOS: Veena Malik Unveils ‘Super Model’

Veena Malik during the first look of her upcoming film Super Model in Mumbai, India on July 17, 2013.

Veena Malik Visits Red Light Area

Pakistani model turned actress Veena Malik who is gearing up for her big Bollywood debut with ‘Zindagi 50-50’ directed by first-timer Rajiv Ruia was spotted at Mumbai’s Kamathipura, the city’s biggest red light area.

PHOTOS: Veena Malik’s Unique Kiss-Laced Birthday Celebration!

Pakistani actress Veena Malik, who is known for her misdeeds more for her deeds, celebrated her birthday in a very unique style in the city.

Bollywood’s Gasbags In 2012: Self Marketing Celebrities Who Were Heard Rather...

There is an unmistakable tendency among a certain section of showbiz to make their presence felt through stories about their (imaginary) amorous escapades rather than through their (non-existent) work. Here’s looking at the prominent gasbags of 2012:

PHOTOS: Veena Malik High On Christmas

Bollywood's hot item girl Veena Malik says she loves Christmas.