PHOTOS: Amitabh Bachchan At Mumbai’s Top Cop’s Book Launch


AMITABH 15102013

MUMBAI: Veteran Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan launched Commissioner Satyapal Singh’s book ‘Talaash Insaan Ki’, along with a special message to drive safe, at Mumbai, on October 14.

The actor was spotted wearing a black safari looking royal and regal.

“I think I am just a common man and am just a small part of the film industry and if I, or my face, or my voice can bring a change in the society, then I am always ready for that,” said the mega star.

Previously, the actor was associated with a road safety awareness cause for the city, where he spread awareness of the number of people being killed every year in India by road accidents. Of which a massive number of cases were recorded in Maharashtra alone.

The star throwing light to safety on roads said, “For years I have been in touch with the traffic department and have been talking to them that something should be done, because whenever I drive I see people do not follow the traffic signals or stop their vehicles ahead of the zebra crossing.”

We sure do hope all Mr. Bachchan’s fans follow the road safety rules, and make Mumbai a better and safer place to live in.