PHOTOS: ‘Chennai Express’ Travels Via Bhopal, Ahmedabad



MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan surely isn’t taking a linear route from Mumbai to Chennai with his ‘Chennai Express’. The actor travelled to two cities in one day to promote his film. ‘Chennai’ Express’ travelled from Bhopal to Ahmedabad before halting at Mumbai.

At Bhopal, Shah Rukh Khan, grooved with his fans on his popular numbers. Like he always does on his international tours, Shah Rukh Khan called his fans and showered them with gifts and danced with them. The event held at a mall in Bhopal was a Full House. Shah Rukh Khan was greeted with a tilak on his forehead and he accepted it graciously.

While there wasn’t enough time to be spent, looks like Shah Rukh Khan was all charged up.

But with SRK, can there be any dip in the energy levels. The ‘Chennai Expres’ soon sped up to Ahmedabad. At Ahmedabad too, Shah Rukh Khan had a gala time clubbing with his fans. In spite of the heavy rains, fans turned in huge numbers to party hard with  SRK and the star didn’t disappoint anyone.

What’s more exciting that Shah Rukh Khan also mastered the local language Gujarati. From speaking Tamil in ‘Ra. One’, his Hindi already being perfect looks like SRK has now mastered Gujarati also well. Truly multi-lingual!

While it surely was a fun filled evening across Bhopal and Ahmedabad, we don’t see ‘Chennai Express’ having a layover for too long. ‘Chennai Express’ now heads to Kolkata.

It’s pretty certain that ‘Chennai Express’ is on an all-India tour before it finally comes live on screen. ‘Chennai Express’ stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. The film directed by Rohit Shetty will release on 9 August.