5 Things That Went Royally Wrong At The Justin Bieber’s Concert In Mumbai – Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

5 Major Fails At The Justin Bieber Concert In Mumbai – Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

We broke out all the news to you about the concert and the pre and post happenings about it. After waiting for hours at the Mumbai international airport to get a glimpse of their favourite pop sensation Justin Bieber, his fans thronged for the main event on May 10 in huge numbers. There were thousands of Beliebers who poured in at Navi Mumbai’s D.Y Patil Stadium to see Justin’s maiden performance in India which was a part of his Purpose World Tour.

Everything about the concert was made sure to be extraordinary. From the setup, the demands of the star, the special arrangements for his fans, choppers, Jacuzzi, etc etc. But after the event ended, people voiced their opinions on things that went royally wrong at the star’s concert. While the gates opened in the afternoon, the singing sensation who was slotted to step on to the stage at 8.00 pm, took the spotlight at 8.10 pm that broke the crowd into a maddening hoot.

On the red carpet front, from celebrity mums to star-kids, it seems like a gala family time out a day. Sridevi, Malaika Arora, Sonali Bendre, Mahima Chaudhari and Poonam Dhillon among others told the press that their kids made them hear all the songs of Justin Bieber while they travelled in the car and that they have just come to accompany their child.

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While the aam janta stood at the open ground, the VVIPs occupied the air conditioned lounge area. All was hunky-dory in the beginning, with the spirits soaring high. It was only posted the show that the loopholes came to the forefront. Here’s looking at the five main things that led the fans and the celebrities highly disappointed. Here’s everything that went wrong.

Less Live More Lip Sync –
This was a BIG turn-off for a lot of fans. Bieber did more of lip-sync than singing live. In fact director, Anurag Basu who is a fan of Bieber, left his VVIP Lounge seating and arrived close to the stage to be with the fans and see the performance up close but was left disappointed. He said, “Justin actually sang just four songs others were all lip synced. I did not expect this. After being a guest at the Coldplay performance in Mumbai, I had high expectations from Bieber, but no, I am actually disappointed.”

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

Gatecrashers Galore –
The tickets at the concert ranged from Rs 4,060 to Rs 76,790, the VIP section was divided into three categories – VVIP 3: Rs 36,505; VVIP 2: Rs 58,030; VVIP 1: Rs 76,790. Interestingly, the division was only on paper and not on the ground. The management seemed to have failed in maintaining the areas according to the ticket grade.

A disappointed attendee said, “I paid Rs.36,000 to be in this arena. But look at these bunch of guys, they don’t belong here. Their wristbands suggest that they are from the arena that had cheaper tickets. What’s the use of spending so much money when people can gatecrash? Even I should have bought a cheaper ticket and stood at an expensive costing arena instead!” A person who had travelled all the way from Rajasthan took pride in swindling the management and he said laughingly, “It was so much fun! I bought a ticket worth Rs4,000 but stood at the section that cost Rs10,000 per ticket!”

An eye-witness told us that actress Bipasha Basu was rather unhappy about the place being overcrowded. She was accompanied by hubby Karan Singh Grover when she entered the arena. But one look at the place, bustling with so many people, she took a u-turn in a couple of minutes and chose to give the concert a miss.

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

Overpriced Chips & Water –
The ground was flooded with hawkers selling ice creams, snacks and bottled water. What with people shelling out Rs.4,000 to Rs.36,000 for the concert, the MRP (Market Retail Price) was given a blind eye by the hawkers who went on to loot people. A packet of chips was charged Rs150, while a bottle of a 1-litre bottle was charged Rs100. This overpricing left the people fuming

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

No Dustbins, So Much For Swachh Bharat! –
Post the event, when the fans exited the venue, it looked like a giant trash can. It seemed organisers forgot to place dustbins at the venue. The fans had their food and beverages but were left with no choice but to drop the trash then and there.

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

Humidity Alert! –
The Mumbai humidity took a high on Beliebers and Bieber as well. The singer sweated profusely during his act and his irritation came across in his performance too. “Sorry I missed my tunes. Well it’s too humid here and that may have led to it,” said Bieber as he strummed the guitar again. He also lost his lip sync a couple of times during his gig. The singing sensation was seen with a napkin throughout the act as he kept wiping his face and once even covered his head with it while he sang. The humidity sucked out energies off the fans as well who were excited but were drained to hoot, clap and cheer for Justin. However, sound levels would go high with screams and ‘Love you Justin’ cheers when he sang songs like Baby, Company and Sorry.

We think it’s too late now to say SORRY guys!
Did you attend the concert? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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