60 Seconds Of Salman Khan’s Jai Ho; “Mega Blockbuster” Written All Over It!


Salman Khan. India’s biggest star. 7 out of every 10 Indians love Salman Khan. Kids of any age copy his dance steps. His hairstyle, his each single signature dance step or style becomes a rage. Mothers want a son like him, girls want to marry him, boys want to be like him – Salman Khan is not just the name of a Bollywood superstar. Salman Khan is a dream, a hope, a religion for those who love him.

Everyone in India connects with him. “Bhai” (brother) is what he is lovingly called. He doesn’t have fans, he has die-hard fans. If you want to experience this, watch his movie at single screens like Gaiety Cinema in Bandra. You will never get to know what the storyline of the movie was, because nobody will let you pay attention to that. There would be screaming, shouting, dancing, people throwing coins at the screen, there would only be a boundless celebration.

This is the command he has on his audience. And none of this is exaggerated. Now, imagine: the power of Salman Khan, mixed with a social message, and presented on screen – what can be the impact? Hundreds of movies have been made highlighting social issues like corruption, crime against women, caste system, education system – and every movie has left an impression. Some have worked, some have not. But what happens, when India’s biggest star tells you the same story, in his own way? It might become a national movement, a revolution or even bigger.

Jai Ho is that. The 60-odd seconds of teaser trailer released by the makers has given the taste of what Jai Ho the movie is all about, and even more – what it can become. People’s man is what Salman Khan is in Jai Ho, and also in real life – and that is the biggest advantage for the film.

Jai Ho explores the need of developing a new kind of attitude among people – the helping attitude. The idea itself is so powerful. If people learn to help each other, if people are there for each other, there would absolutely be no problems – people, people and people, yes, people would be the system, and there be no need for a system. It would be sheer freedom, because you will always know somebody is there to help you. There would be no poverty, there would be no misery, no pain, because you know that your pain is not only yours – it is shared. Your happiness is shared, your pain is shared by all – and what does it become? A big happy family.

This all sounds like a dream. But, this is the dream of the character played by Salman Khan in Jai Ho. But, when any such dream challenges the system, evil is born, and only person who suffers in the end is the ‘aam aadmi’, the common man. We have witnessed the power of a common man, during the Anna Hazare movement, during the fight for justice for Nirbhaya and the most recent: victory of the Aam Aadmi Party in India’s capital over a century old mindset. The timing of Jai Ho is the best timing such a film can ever have – January 24, 2014, right ahead of India’s most anticipated Lok Sabha elections.

There’s a different air we are breathing right now, the wave of revolution is around us. Jai Ho is the reflection of this air. The film is standing right there like a mirror, showing us everything that is happening right now around us.

Jai Ho is a remake of AR Murugadoss‘ Telugu super hit Stalin, starring Chiranjeevi. Stalin itself is a partial unofficial adaption of Mimi Leder‘s Pay It Forward, based on the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Salman Khan is famous for his Southern remakes off late, and they have all created storms at the Box Office. But, with Jai Ho, Salman Khan has taken it to a different level. In short, the power of brand “Salman Khan” has met the power of a common man with Jai Ho, and the kind of thunder it is going to create is just unimaginable. No words can suffice it as of now.

Jai Ho has “Double Blockbuster” written all over it. If less than 30 seconds of a teaser trailer of Yash Raj Films’ Ek Tha Tiger almost shook the servers of YouTube in 2012, the kind of destruction the Jai Ho teaser is going to make will be phenomenal.

The teaser lives up to the expectations. The roaring Salman Khan at the end is perhaps the roar it is poised to make at the Box Office, breaking the years old jinx of January films in Bollywood.


Jai Ho also stars Tabu, Danny Denzongpa, Daisy Shah, Nadira Babbar, Genelia D’Souza, Suniel Shetty, Ashmit Patel and Sana Khan among others alongside Salman Khan.

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