REVIEW: What The Fish – Don’t Give A Fish!


Sudha Mishra is an unpleasant, constantly complaining divorcee who doesn’t trust a soul. But when she decides to take a month’s vacation to visit her son abroad, she has no choice but to trust her home to her niece’s fiancé. Sumit is given only a few instructions: namely feed the fish, water the plant. But as the house becomes a kind of guest house for Sumit’s friends and their friends, the seemingly simple instructions are often forgotten, ignored or abused leading to Mishti, the pet fish, dying (and being replaced) several times.

By the time Mishra returns to her home, things no longer seem to be the way they were. Everything looks fine but it isn’t – the cushion covers have changed, she’s sure Mishti is not her fish, and a frightening woman comes running out her locked room!

At one level Mishra revels in the drama of this incident, embellishing the tale on every recounting, at another level she’s perplexed. The audience, however, knows the truth as the screenplay zigzags back and forth showing what all transpired in that house over the last month. This includes a riotous party, a seduction, a fight, a boxer being filmed in drag and a dead fish.

Dimple Kapadia as Sudha Mishra is loud and over-the-top. Her character is so surly that you don’t give care about her house or the fish! The other characters are irresponsible and so low in IQ that you wonder if Delhi-walas, Haryanvis and those from Mizoram should take umbrage. The only community shown to be smart is the Sikhs who own what seems to be the only fish shop in Delhi! A whole of unimpressive performance populate this petty effort.

Director Gurmeet Singh does not manage to bring out the best from his actors nor does he create comic scenes out of a tiresome and odious script. You’d rather go fishing than waste time on this film.

Rating: Half a star!

Tara Agrawal

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