Aamir Khan’s Baby Boy Azad All Set To Watch Dhoom 3!



Aamir Khan‘s baby boy Azad Rao Khan recently celebrated his birthday. And now he is ready for yet another expedition.

The Khan household is totally excited and happy, and the celebrations are going on. Both, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao have made sure to raise their toddler Azad in a much grounded manner. Azad is excited to meet new people, and mingles with everyone. He loves to talk in his language, and makes sure each guest gets his attention.

Azad has been totally away from the industry though. Aamir Khan’s other children Ira Khan and Junaid Khan are now grown up, and have better understanding of the industry.

Azad, who has till date not seen a single movie is all set to watch the first movie of his life. Aamir and Kiran think that Dhoom 3 will be a good movie for Azad to watch. Aamir is more than excited and curious to show Dhoom 3 to his little bundle of happiness.

And that’s how Azad is now all geared up to watch the first film on celluloid. Aamir Khan will make all arrangements for this. Sources close to the actor say that Azad will watch Dhoom 3 at one of the special screenings Aamir Khan is all set to organise.

Well, happy Dhoom 3, dear Azad Rao Khan, is all we can say![/tps_header]