Bigg Boss 7: Day Of Love For All; Ends With Tears For Ajaz!



Bigg Boss 7 is a mysterious house! The moment you start hating everything that’s happening inside, there comes another moment – which completely shatters everything, and all that remains is ‘love’.

Day 82 in Bigg Boss 7 house was the day of love. The first day of Captain Andy‘s rule. It began with Andy’s task assigning meeting. And voila! Everything went on smooth. Everyone accepted their duties, no arguments, no fights! Bigg Boss exactly knew what to expect from Andy, as now since he’s the captain and has no work to do, he was assigned a secret task – that of keeping everyone happily entertained.

To support Andy in this task, Bigg Boss assigned ‘Bhai’ Ajaz Khan. But before that, the part when Bigg Boss teased Andy about his dream-come-true captaincy, and how Andy answered it was sheer entertainment. That scene instantly reminded me of Vidya Balan from The Dirty Picture. Yes, Andy in Bigg Boss 7 is Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. And Ajaz too performed his task very well. Bigg Boss too was in a very happy mood today, which was evident when he talked with both, Andy and Ajaz.

Ajaz bhai transformed into a beautiful woman named ‘Haseena’, wearing Sofia Hayat‘s dress. And then it was a roller coaster ride full of laughter, fun and more of all that. Just yesterday, I was very upset with Ajaz, but seems like everything changes in Bigg Boss 7 every minute! Today, he literally stole the hearts of everyone with his cute act. This dude has the potential, and maybe that’s the reason Salman Khan likes him too. Dear Salman Khan, if you are reading this, please don’t reprimand Ajaz too much, rather do it your style – ‘thoda fatka, thoda jatka, phir pyaar wala tadka’ – yes, that’s the line I coined for Salman Khan-style-hosting!

Later Sofia’s birthday was celebrated, and then came the emotional moment when Bigg Boss played a romantic track. Love was all over. Gauahar Khan had Kushal Tandon, Armaan Kohli had Tanisha Mukerji, Sangram Singh was happy remembering Payal Rohatgi, Kamya Punjabi and Andy were happy dancing on their own, Sofia was high on her birthday cake, but in one corner was Ajaz crying away.

All the housemates, except Sangram, are actors, and it’s difficult to know if they’re really crying or just acting – but, from what I saw, Ajaz was not faking it. The lines he said in the end literally moved me. “Hurt me, I will forgive you,” said Ajaz. In his simple heart felt line is so much weight, if you observe, especially for the ones who are unsuccessful in love. The one who forgives and forgets is bigger than the one who regrets, and is revengeful. Surely, this truly is the best message ever any season of Bigg Boss has passed on.

On the flip side, few things that I didn’t like was Tanisha making desperate attempts to hide few goodies her team bought after winning the luxury budget task. They were instructed that whatever they buy is only for their use. Fair enough. But, such things don’t matter. Armaan silenced her by saying he wouldn’t want to fight over food. The matter ends there.

The other thing that was bit rude from Armaan’s side was when Tanisha wanted to dance with him, and he roughly moved her off. There was a romantic song playing, everybody was dancing, it was a moment – and on Armaan’s part it was bit too rude behavior, especially with the woman who loves him so dearly. Armaan now all of a sudden is very conscious of the cameras in the house, but still, such rudeness is not necessary now. In fact, Armaan must be thankful to God and Bigg Boss for finding such a woman in Tanisha, who in spite of all his harshness and arrogance loves him. But, as Ajaz said in the end, “The flow of energy keeps changing.” And with time, correct lessons are learnt by everyone who stays inside this correctional facility named Bigg Boss 7.

Also, today the other side of Armaan was shown fully for the first time. The soft side. And I must really salute the editors of Bigg Boss 7, who fill in so much in one scene, given that they have very less time to compile the episode. The close up of Armaan’s ‘Being Human’ wrist band, exactly when he was showing his ‘human’ side – hats off to the editors, really, hats off!

So, one last time, let’s give it up for Captain Andy’s first day of the rule in the house – Day 82, which shall be known in the history of Bigg Boss 7 as the day of love. May such love prevail forever, may Gauahar and Kushal’s love too stay forever, if at all there’s real love in there; may Armaan really learn to respect the ones who love them unconditionally, may Ajaz move on and stick to his new learnt lesson, and may the happiness prevail. Amen.

Tomorrow’s the eviction day! Who do you think will be evicted? Also, was today, Friday, December 6, 2013’s episode one of the most heart moving episode after the family re-union episode in Bigg Boss 7? Let us know in comments below!

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