Some Of Aamir Khan’s Quotes That Shocked Us


Satyamev-Jayate3Aamir Khan announced the third season of Satyamev Jayate yesterday and raised a lot of eyebrows with a lot of his comments. For someone who has taken an initiative to make a difference to the society can be indifferent a lot of issues were really a shocker.

While staying true to the theme of the show, he talked about how it made difference in people’s lives but his quotes gave everyone a different meaning altogether. Here are some of the quotes that shocked us.

When Aamir was asked to comment on Mardaani getting an A, he said that he wouldn’t want his kids to watch this film for its language. He also mentioned about the scene where a finger was chopped and sent to Rani as a threat. Strangely, Ghajini was a gruesome love story and some of the gory action scenes with Aamir carrying them out. How do you explain that Aamir?

While talking about obscenity and vulgarity in films, when someone asked didn’t he find his first PK poster obscene for his kids, Aamir said no point blankly. Seriously?!

Doesn’t it sound like someone who has a very subjective view of what is obscene and what is not? If Mardaani had language issues, PK’s poster was outrageous. Why isn’t that vulgar? Well that’s Aamir for you.

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