Adnan Sami’s Journey From 230 Kgs to 75 Kgs

Adnan Sami
Adnan Sami, who had promised himself that he would one day become an actor, is self-producing his debut. He has shed all the kilos and grown out his hair à la Ranbir Kapoor.

MUMBAI: He is down from 230 kgs to 85 kgs. And now Adnan Sami has lost another 10 kgs …And he is growing his hair to shoulder-length. With reason.

Ranbir Kapoor, move over. The new Rock Star in tinsel town is getting ready to hit the marquee. Adnan Sami’s happiness after the divorce seems to be taking him into  the most unexpected areas of celebration. Adnan is all set to play a musician who battles the bulge, bickering biwi, slithering superstardom everything from obesity to anonymity to finally emerge triumphant.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, the story is inspired by Adnan’s own life. Plans to shoot a film where the Rock Star would make love not to the guitar but to the piano, were on the anvil for two years now. But Adnan had made himself a pledge about his acting debut. Confesses the new wanna-act Singer, “I had  promised myself I’d get into the next level of my career only after my divorce came through. Sometimes blessings are disguised in misery. The ordeal and the trial that I’ve gone through in the last two years made me lose the ten extra kilos that I needed to lose for my new avatar.”

For his acting debut Adnan will play an overweight musician coping with personal and professional crises. The project will be produced by Adnan himself. Interestingly Adnan would be using prosthetics to look overweight in the earlier parts of the film. Says the musician, “It’s going to be an incredible journey back to my nightmarish encounter. But I am looking forward to it.”