Akshay Kumar To Clash With Akshay Kumar At Box Office


Akshay Sonakshi 02

Clashes at the Box Office aren’t anything new. In fact, whenever the stars have clashed at the Box Office, we have only seen immense profits. Sometimes both win, sometimes both lose. At other times, only win survives the onslaught. But hardly have you observed an actor clashing with himself at the Box Office.

Akshay Kumar will do the ineveitable. Yes, two of Akshay Kumar’s films are releasing on the same day. Baby and Gabbar are looking for January 23rd release. Apparently, the makers of Gabbar, which is a Sanjay Leela Bhansali, had announced the date long back. Now Neeraj Pandey too is keen on releasing Baby on the same day, making it the clash of the decade.

Akshay will only have to rise up to the occasion and take control here or both of his films stand a chance to lose out on business. We wonder how can they have both Akshay Kumar films release on the same day. We can still give the makers the benefit of doubt. But how can Akshay let such a thing happen. We are pretty sure he is always kept in the loop about release dates of his films among other things. Could he have avoided that clash? Akshay Kumar, the ball is on your court.

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