All The Taboos Attached To Marijuana, Broken In One Hilarious Parody Song! Watch Here


There’s a lot of debate worldwide around Marujana being classified as Class A harmful Drugs. So here’s a Sensibly-hilarious and extremely fun take on Marijuana. The Pehla Nasha song Parody by Salil Jamdar. (Embed) Embed Code:

We’ve all grown up humming and singing this famous Udit Narayan song and we knew we are grown ups when we literally did took a puff off that “Pehla Nasha”
Don’t we all remember our first encounter with Marijuana?
The ‘Marry-You-Anna’ song takes you back to your 1st joint and talks about the global scenario where relatively more harmful and addictive things than marijuana are legal, while Marijuana with all its proven medicinal benefits is banned for recreational or medical purposes.
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