Another Break-Up! Om Puri Separates From Wife Nandita

Om-Puri-nandita-[tps_footer]It’s not just happening with the young generation that are facing issues in relationships and end up with break ups and divorces. Relationship issues are everywhere and I hope having a good relationship doesn’t turn into a “non existing thing” and in future we will just get to know about it through fairytales or books, not in reality. What instability are we really heading towards ??? All relations have problems, but ending them cannot be the only way out or the final solution.


Now, we have with us, actor Om Puri and his wife Nandita going for a judicial separation. Om will be allowed to visit his son Ishaan and be part of his son’s life and for both, Om and Nandita, their son is their priority and will focus on giving him the best of education and guide him as responsible parents.

No exact reason is out for their separation. But 26 years of marriage has now finally ended, and it ended on a bad note. Remember the time when Nandita had written a book “Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri“, where she expressed no respect or courtesy for Om Puri and preferred exposing his past relationships and making their differences public. Relations can surely be the best things to have, if it goes well and also the most disturbing thing, if it doesn’t work out and ends badly.


She had pressed charges against Om, for domestic violence, but now they both have withdrawn all cases against each other and have peacefully parted their ways. It’s tough to turn a relationship like it was in it’s first place after it turns bitter. Join the broken pieces of a glass and the cracks are still visible. That’s how delicate relations are too. Once broken, cannot be mended always.[/tps_footer]

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