Why Did Anurag Kashyap Restrict Child Actor Of Ugly From Watching The Film


Anurag Kashyap’s recent release Ugly revolves around the kidnapping of a small girl, Kali Varshney. Anshikaa Shrivastava plays the pivotal role of Kali.

While the film has been loved by critics and film enthusiasts, Anurag has willingly kept the protagonist of the film at bay. Anurag has requested Anshikaa‘s parents not show her the film.

Anshikaa plays a key role in the film and the story is orbiting around her. However she had little idea of the entire story.

Anurag had not given any of his actors a script for Ugly. While he alone knew the story, details and nitty gritties, his actors were only aware about the basic plot and their respective parts.

Similarly Kali knew her scenes and dialogues and Anurag personally helped her play the role, but he never divulged details about the other characters and their stories.

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It is a gritty film about parents who are separated and how they are selfishly dealing with their personal issues while the child gets neglected and then kidnapped.

Anurag Kashyap’s films are known to be dark and edgy. Ugly is being coined as one of his best works and yet is extremely moving and cruel.

In his endeavor to protect Kali, he does not want her to watch the film.

She has seen some parts of her role. However he does not want her to see the entire film as an ensemble piece at least till she is of age.

Anshikaa’s parents have agreed with Anurag as they too feel that the content is not right for her to watch at this age.

Confirming the same a source close to Anurag says, “Anurag requested Anshikaa‘s parents not to show her the film right now. Maybe she can watch it when she is in college but right now she is too young, he felt that it might affect her adversely”.

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