Anushka Sharma In The ‘Season of Love’


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MUMBAI: No, that’s not the title of some under-production film that Anushka’s signed. Neither is it any International song that’s playing on her lips. But the ‘Season of Love’ is Gitanjali Jewels’ latest collection, one which Anushka Sharma couldn’t stop raving about at the launch.

Anushka’s been on a brand endorsement spree off late, and has been lending her star-power to endorse everything from scooters to personal hygiene products. And the latest in her kitty is Gitanjali jewels.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the jewelry brand decided to launch a collection to celebrate the season of love, and titled it just as aptly. We spotted the leggy Anushka at the new collection launch, looking ravishing in a red knee-length dress. So typical of the V-day connotation.

Anushka spoke at length about the significance of jewelry in a woman’s life, and also maintained that this brand is her favourite when it comes to jewelers. The lovely lady even held forth on other topics like health and beauty, and fashion was a constant refrain in her address.

Anushka recently wowed audiences as her take on the feisty documentary filmmaker ‘Akira Rai’ in Yash Chopra’s last directorial ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. She charmed one and all with her fearless, spunky performance, and reaped the rich dividends of it when she was awarded ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at the prestigious Filmfare awards held recently. A well deserved awardee, if there ever was one!