Anushka Sharma’s Reaction On A-Certificate For NH10 

Anushak-SharmaPK actress Anushka Sharma says that she knew that there was a possibility of her upcoming debut production film NH10 getting A-certificate. Anushka reacted on it saying that every film is not for everyone.

“When we made the film, we knew there is a possibility of getting an A-certificate. We stayed true to the story, we stayed real to the subject. I think every film is not for everyone,” said Anushka.

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Directed by Navdeep Singh, the upcoming thriller film NH10 tells a story of a couple’s road trip gone horribly bad. That’s not all, the star who impressed everyone with her performance in ‘PK’, Anushka has sported a gory look in the film.

The actress isn’t sweating out too much on the fact that the film is only certified for adult audiences, as she is confident and feels that the story of the film is good enough to impress audiences nonetheless.

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“If actors start thinking that because of us, everything will work, then that’s stupidity. Audiences may come to watch a film because of your popularity, but after that, it’s the script and content that matters. You are as good as your work you do,” said Anushka Sharma.

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