Who Is Twinkle Khanna’s Daughter Nitara Buying Flowers For?


Twinkla-Khanna01245Proud parents Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna never got their daughter Nitara Khanna Bhatia publicly. In 2012, during the death Anniversary of Rajesh Khanna that was the first time 10 month old Nitara was clicked by the shutterbugs.

Nitara looked cute dressed in pink with cute little hair clip accessorized her hair. She didn’t look less than an angel. Later in 2014, during Makar Sankrati, Akshay Kumar celebrated it with his daughter Nitara. She looked cute in pyjamas and top, flying kite with dad Akshay Kumar. The father- daughter duo looked cute and amazing

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For the third time, Akshay – Twinkle’s daughter Nitara’s picture have come up. But yet again the picture does not disclose her face. Mother Twinkle Khanna posted Nitara’s picture on twitter captioned as, The baby tags along with me to the flower market for the first time #localmarket #India

No doubt the picture is very cute and adorable. Nitara went along with her mother to the flower market dressed in a blue frock. She stares at the colorful flowers on the right side. Isn’t it cute?

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Yes surely disappointment, as her face is still not revealed this time again. Between all the colorful roses and flowers the tiny Nitara looks adorable.

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