Ariana Grande’s Latex Faced Redention of ‘Dangerous Woman’ Is Bang On!

Ariana[tps_footer]Ariana Grande has slowly but surely proved her singing capacities to the world and by now her millions of fans are a true test of her musical genius. Not only does she belt out hit melodies, but her impressions of other celebs too, are absolutely hilarious! Recently, when she appeared on Saturday Night Live, she had performed a sketch where she imitated the singing abilities of Whitney Houston, Shakira, Britney Spears and many more. These sketches quickly became hot favorites and were trending on numerous social media channels as well.

After riding on that fame wave, Grande now has a new claim to fame. In what comes as a treat for fans of the songstress, over the weekend Grande released a new version of her song ‘Dangerous Woman’! While the original track too was an amazing song, this version is a capella and is without any instrumentation.

In the newly-released video, Ariana is seen sporting the same latex bunny-ear mask that features on the album’s cover. This came as a change from the usual cat-ears that she sports. She paired this with a very sexy corset to match that makes her look ravishing!

While the entire song is entertaining thanks to Grande’s talented vocal cords and her onscreen antics, the time she plays the air guitar is a hands-down favorite!