Ashutosh Gowarikar Goes International With Mohenjo Daro

Ashutosh-HrthikAshutosh Gowarikar recently launched his first Television series Everest which is a story of a girl’s journey of fulfilling her father’s unfulfilled wish of scaling the Mt. Everest.

It is a very interesting take on the struggles of the girl. But more than the series, it is his upcoming film Mohenjo Daro that’s making a lot of noise for all the right reasons. Since the time the movie was announced in association with Disney India, it is increasingly getting populated with foreign and award winning technician from across the globe.

It began with the inclusion of April Ferry, who received an Emmy for Outstanding Costume for a Series Emmy for Rome. Apart from that, she was also nominated for Oscars for Maverick. She has worked in popular films like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Robocop (2015), Elysium, Surrogates and Jurassic World (unreleased sequel to Steven Spielberg’s films), Maverick and the HBO series Rome.

Later internationally renowned Stunt-Coordinator Glenn Boswell has joined the crew of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro. He coordinated stunts for action heavy films like The Thin Red Line, The Matrix Trilogy, I, Robot, Ghost Rider, The International and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He even was part of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy.

If that wasn’t enough, Ashutosh even got award winning VFX Supervisor Karen Goulekas to take over the VFX reigns for Mohenjo Daro. Karen, who has won two BAFTA Awards for Best Visual Effects, first for The Fifth Element and once again for The Day After Tomorrow, has also worked on films such as Apollo 13, Godzilla, Spider-man, 10,000 BC and more recently The Green Lantern, Looper and Don Jon.

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